Amazing overall experience when I visited the cryotherapy in Lincoln. Currently under an orthopaedic surgeon with rotator cuff injury, possibly more than one tear in the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles. Pending MRI SCAN, I’ve been prescribed ridiculously strong anti-inflammatories and pain relief, nothing was getting me through the night without constantly waking in pain. After 2 cryotherapy sessions back to back at the centre, I had my first full nights sleep in a long time. I didn’t feel pain throughout the day unless I was using my shoulder of course. Being a fitness instructor & pro-Muay Thai fighter, I have to demo drills & martial arts techniques to clients, however I pay the consequences by being up and in pain all night. Having the Cryotherapy treatments Enabled me to light train the following day and still sleep well pain-free the following night. 100% pain decreased, slept so much better, had a better range of movement – pain-free. Amazing, funny, friendly team, couldn’t recommend or rate the centre enough – it truly was 5-star rating all round.

Kelly Haynes, Muay Thai Title Holder

I’ve had back issues for years, degenerative disc disease, after my first cryo session I felt amazing. The pain hadn’t gone completely but it went from an 8/10 down to 1/10 for a long while. I also slept like a baby that night, not being woken up by my back pain. I guess the key is to keep going! Highly recommended to anyone.

Pete Tuckerman

It’s hard to begin to list all the benefits I feel from this. For me the greatest benefit has been the improvement in my sleep patterns and mood. Its hard to believe the impact something like this can have on your psychology until you try it. Not to mention the physiological benefits. I have so much more energy not to mention vastly improved recovery and even an increase in strength. The staff are very knowledgeable and welcoming. Something you really need to try for yourself to truly believe and experience the benefits it has to offer

James Hinson

I decided to try Cryo after suffering with SPD since my daughter’s birth in January. The last few weeks the pain has been waking me in the night and I’ve been unable to walk up the stairs by the evening. I have tried pain killers and physio exercises and nothing has made any difference. I had my first session yesterday morning. Matt made me feel very comfortable and I was surprised at how quickly the time in the chamber went! not an unpleasant experience at all. Last night for the first time in a long time I walked up the stairs without significant pain, didn’t wake in the night through discomfort and still feel comfortable this morning! already looking forward to my next session, really recommend giving it a try!

Lucy Steele, Lincs Wildlife Rescue