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Covid 19 New Healthy Lifestyle?

Covid 19 New Healthy Lifestyle? Re-Evaluated Life Lately? In Thailand, they appear to be restricting smoking in public more and more, a response to the COVID 19 risks? . I'm seeing so many more people in the UK smoking lately, I've met people that just started smoking [...]

Covid 19 New Healthy Lifestyle?2020-07-03T09:28:09+00:00

5 Best Immune Boosting

The 5 Best? Let's Be Honest There's a lot of talk about boosting immune systems right now, especially because people are aware of its importance and so many ready to capitalise on our fears. There's a pill for everything, just Google "Immune support" and go to images, all you'll find is pills pills pills. No one telling you [...]

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Win a Free Private Cryotherapy Session

Thanks For Your Interest Please check out our CryoNews for the latest science and evidence on cryotherapy and its amazing benefits Our own experiences with over 1000 clients have been truly fascinating and not what we expected at all. From snapping out of depression to a euphoria that lasts weeks, to improved creativity, focus [...]

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Evidence Based

Plenty Of Evidence All information thanks to Dr Rhonda Patrick, please check her out, links throughout.  Cold exposure improves mood and may be useful in treating depression. Study Consistent and profound responses to cold exposure is a robust release of norepinephrine into the bloodstream and brain. Study Norepinephrine depletion causes depression. Study Short-term exposure [...]

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Cryotherapy and Dementia

Dementia Can whole body cryotherapy be used as a preventative therapy for dementia? Well no one really knows the answer to that, but the evidence and latest science are suggesting this may be something we see a lot of in the near future. A little back story My dad died from dementia early [...]

Cryotherapy and Dementia2020-02-26T08:34:11+00:00