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100% Guarantee

Cryotherapy 100% Guarantee We Guarantee YOU will know We guarantee 100% that after three cryo sessions, you will know without any doubt if it's for you or not. The only way to know is to give it a go, well 3 actually but hey. The world is such a crazy place, it [...]

100% Guarantee2021-04-10T12:37:21+00:00

When To Avoid Cryotherapy CrossFit

CrossFit - Strength Training? So When Shouldn't you use Cryotherapy? When to Avoid Cryotherapy This is one important area worth mentioning. When you’re strength training, the oxidative stress generates reactive oxygen species (ROS) that actually help increase muscle mass. If you expose yourself to cold within the first hour after strength training, you [...]

When To Avoid Cryotherapy CrossFit2020-12-18T10:51:05+00:00

Cold Shock Dementia

Cold Shock - Dementia & Alzheimer's New Studies Show Breakthrough Coldwater swimming may protect the brain from degenerative diseases like dementia, researchers from Cambridge University have discovered. In a world-first, a "cold-shock" protein has been found in the blood of regular winter swimmers at London's Parliament Hill Lido. [...]

Cold Shock Dementia2020-10-21T17:47:16+00:00

Cryotherapy & Fibromyalgia

Cryotherapy & Fibromyalgia OK Let's be clear, we are making no claims and we promise nothing. But we must get several calls a week from ladies with fibromyalgia asking if cryotherapy helps. All we can say is, we are having fantastic feedback from many happy customers like Kat below who immediately after the camera [...]

Cryotherapy & Fibromyalgia2020-08-16T16:51:59+00:00

New Cryotherapy Premises

New Cryotherapy Premises After six months of running Lincoln CryoLab we went into lockdown. This gave us time to re think the way we were doing things. It's turned out 80% of our cryo clients have never been to a gym, we have always owned a gym and elite athletes and those who train [...]

New Cryotherapy Premises2020-09-18T09:26:19+00:00

Powerful Testimonial

How Amazing Is This? Lucy had remarkable almost instant results that made it possible for her to play and carry her newborn for the first time in a while. You can see and feel the emotion in her video testimonial. Book Yours Now

Powerful Testimonial2020-08-13T16:08:42+00:00

Covid 19 New Healthy Lifestyle?

Covid 19 New Healthy Lifestyle? Re-Evaluated Life Lately? In Thailand, they appear to be restricting smoking in public more and more, a response to the COVID 19 risks? . I'm seeing so many more people in the UK smoking lately, I've met people that just started smoking [...]

Covid 19 New Healthy Lifestyle?2020-07-03T09:28:09+00:00

5 Best Immune Boosting

The 5 Best? Let's Be Honest There's a lot of talk about boosting immune systems right now, especially because people are aware of its importance and so many ready to capitalise on our fears. There's a pill for everything, just Google "Immune support" and go to images, all you'll find is pills pills pills. No one telling you [...]

5 Best Immune Boosting2020-08-12T18:16:52+00:00

Win a Free Private Cryotherapy Session

Thanks For Your Interest Please check out our CryoNews for the latest science and evidence on cryotherapy and its amazing benefits Our own experiences with over 1000 clients have been truly fascinating and not what we expected at all. From snapping out of depression to a euphoria that lasts weeks, to improved creativity, focus [...]

Win a Free Private Cryotherapy Session2020-06-01T10:52:36+00:00
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