Cryotherapy and Dementia



Can whole body cryotherapy be used as a preventative therapy for dementia?

Well no one really knows the answer to that, but the evidence and latest science are suggesting this may be something we see a lot of in the near future.

A little back story

My dad died from dementia early 2020 and my grandma, his mother before him. With dementia running in the family and my interest in what the hell was this confusing disease, led me to lots of studies all coming back to one thing, inflammation. Along with a whole host of other issues from arthritis to heart disease, inflammation kept popping up study after study.

I will link below to studies for anyone interested

Cryotherapy is known for reducing inflammation quite like nothing else, of course diet is key here too. Not one thing is enough, we must take care of many facets of our well being.

So, the number one reason we invested in a cryotherapy unit was because of this information, it just so happens we own a gym and its used by athletes too.


Note. We claim nothing, we simply report the latest studies and we are fully aware there will no doubt be studies to prove exactlly the opposite. We live in crazy times but you have to commit at some point.

How Cryotherapy Affects the Brain, the Immune System, Metabolism, and Athletic Performance

Below we have an amazing audio podcast with Dr Rhonda Patrick where she covers lots of the latest science and data on cryotherapy.



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