Lincoln Cryotherapy

Cryolab will Elevate your recovery to the next level

Recovery from training, injury, mood and sleep disorders .

Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures, which stimulates both physical and mental health benefits.

Our 3-minute treatment exposes the body to temperatures as low as -180 degrees in order to supercharge your recovery, improve your performance and both your physical and mental wellbeing.


Reasons to use Cryotherapy

Whether you train hard or suffer from a long term health problem or injury, cryotherapy will help to supercharge your recovery. If you take your recovery seriously, Cryotherapy will become a regular feature in your life – those who benefit the most from cryotherapy treatment, regularly attend sessions.


You will feel amazing and ready to go the next day! Whether it’s from hard training, injuries or manual work, inflammation builds up and slows us down. Not dealing with inflammation properly is a sure fire way to limit your performance and prolong your recovery.


We are getting amazing feedback and results from fresh and decade old injuries. Many athletes have been using cryotherapy to treat injuries for years - it can reduce pain and help treat pinched nerves or neuromas, chronic pain, and even acute injuries.


The best complaint we ever had was, “I kept giggling for a week at nothing, I didn’t know if i was going to be normal again” Weeks of euphoria are not an uncommon report from our users, and if making you feel fantastic is not your thing then we welcome more of this type of complaint!


Many of our clients simply use cryo for the mild euphoria that comes with it. The ultra-cold temperatures in whole-body cryotherapy can cause physiological hormonal responses. This includes the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins, which can have a positive effect on mood disorders like anxiety and depression


Cryotherapy can help improve your sleep. Proper sleep is an integral part of recovery, regardless of whether you are an athlete or not. After using our Cryo Chamber, all clients say they slept much better and deeper than they have in weeks, even months, on the night of their treatment.


Studies have shown whole-body cryotherapy can significantly reduce pain in people with arthritis and the treatment was well-tolerated. It also allowed for more aggressive physiotherapy and occupational therapy as a result. This ultimately made rehabilitation programs more effective.


Professional sports people/ serious hobbyists

Looking for a way to supercharge your recovery? If you train hard, then you really should take your recovery programme seriously too. Whether it’s from training, injuries or manual work, inflammation builds up and slows us down.

There are a number of ways of dealing with inflammation – rest being the most obvious – but Cryotherapy offers a quick and convenient way of maximising your recovery.

During a 3-minute treatment in our Cryo Chamber you will experience temperatures as low as -180C and follow in the footsteps of UFC fighters, NBA Stars, World Champion Boxers and Premier League Footballers who are all using Cryotherapy as part of their regime. Here are just a couple of examples…

CULLUM SMITH British professional boxer

Cullum Smith

British professional boxer

Callum has held the WBA and Ring magazine super-middleweight titles since 2018, and won the World Boxing Super Series super-middleweight tournament in 2018 too. Previously at regional level, he held the European and British super-middleweight titles between 2015 and 2017. He uses cryotherapy to enhance his performance.

Žydrūnas SavickasStrong Man

Žydrūnas Savickas

Strong Man

Žydrūnas Savickas is a Lithuanian powerlifter and professional strongman. He is the only modern competitor to have won every major strongman competition and guess what? Yep, he benefits from using a Cryo Chamber too.

A truly professional and safe treatment for all sports people

There are in fact lots of high-profile athletes who are using Cryo Chambers to help with recovery and they include:

Cristiano Ronaldo, Floyd Mayweather, Lebron James, Wladimir Klitschko, Henry Cejudo (UFC Champ), Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Conor Mcgregor, Mo Farah and Novak Djokovic, to name just a few.

There is also a cryochamber installed at the UFC Performance Institute, along with chambers at a number of Premier League, NBA and NFL practice facilities.

If it’s good enough for them – surely, it’s good enough for your training and recovery programme?

CULLUM SMITH British professional boxer
Žydrūnas SavickasStrong Man


Training hard and in older age is more common these days, especially with Crossfit and HITT style gyms becoming so popular. With Tough Mudder and dozens of assault course events, cycling and triathalons, it’s now more common for people in their forties, fifties and beyond to be highly active.

The problem is, no matter your age, not many people pay attention to proper recovery strategies and, especially as you get older, it’s vital you take your recovery seriously.

During a 3-minute treatment you will experience temperatures as low as -180C; which will maximise your recovery and help manage inflammation, which is the bodies response to training hard and wear and tear. You will also get the best nights sleep you’ve had in months.

But that being said, the only way to discover if cryotherapy works for you is to give it a go!

Forget what anyone tells you, they may mean well, but we invested in this heavily and we are discovering things we never expected.


Don’t Believe the Hype?

We live in uncertain times where the up is down….and down is a monkey with a kazoo

The truth is, if you Google search for long enough, you can prove telepathy exists if that’s what you want to find. Then just as easily, you can find it doesn’t 100% for sure exist, if that’s what you wish to find.

We have plenty of evidence-based studies on our CryoNews blog, so please visit and browse.

We also have thousands of clients with truly incredible feedback and results….


Frequently Asked Questions

We have been looking into inflammation, the bodies response to training hard and general wear and tear for some years now. We discovered that inflammation is associated with a whole range of disease and illness such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia, arthritis, heart disease and autoimmune disorders to name a few. In the latest studies, the idea of using cryotherapy for a major preventative cause in dementia and Alzheimer’s was put forward as a possibility and is actually the number one reason we went down this road.

The science is new, and we are pretty sure there are just as many counter studies, but you have to plant your flag somewhere and commit to what you believe. Not ones for sitting on the fence, we invested heavily and put our money where our hearts and minds were

Our aim was, and is, to make this treatment affordable for everyone and not solely elite athletes and the super-wealthy, which is generally the case

The truth is, we did not expect to get results like the ones we are getting. It has literally blown our minds

Your privacy is assured

You will enter the chamber in swimwear or shorts – we provide a private changing area.

During the current climate please bring your own wool/warm gloves, socks that cover your ankle bones and a robe if you desire one. Sports bras are also fine

You can wear crocs on your feet too, which we can provide – it’s a great look

You can use the chamber whenever you like but we do advise that athletes go in around workouts and on rest days to maximise the benefits.

The Cryo Chamber WILL help with recovery after a tough workout but you want your body to naturally cool down first, so we suggest at least a gap of around 10-15 minutes after a tough class. This gives you time to cool down and also dry off, as sweat and -180C don’t mix well.

Yes. Cryotherapy is safe and our staff will ensure your safety from start to finish. The liquid nitrogen cools the air that circulates around your body in the chamber, whilst your head stays above, breathing the air in the treatment room.

Be assured, liquid nitrogen is dense and will not rise above the chamber. It in fact sinks down and is extracted.

In a word, cold! But not like cold you can imagine, its dry and unusual but quite pleasant. Our staff are on hand to help you through the 3 minutes and the screen besides your head will display how long is left. You can ask for the treatment to be stopped at any time, but that is unlikely.

Studies have shown that 2.30 – 3 minutes is all you need to reap the benefits of Cryotherapy. Any longer is unnecessary and would cost athletes more because we would need to use more liquid nitrogen during the treatment. At 3 minutes we get all the results we need, whilst keeping the price affordable. Some people do double dip, this is a 3-minute break and then back in, but this method is usually for elite athletes or those recovering from serious injury.

There are a few reasons why someone would be refused a treatment and they include:

  • If you are over 150kg / 23 stones in weight you would be refused a treatment as this is the limit on the lifting platform inside the chamber.
  • It is also not advised that pregnant women use our facilities after their first trimester.
  • Finally, we ask that anyone with any current or long-term health issue must speak to their GP before booking a treatment.

Like night and day, personally we dread the thought of ice baths, but love cryo and use it several times a month.

As you will have read above, our treatments will take you down to -180C, while an ice bath is around +10-15C (remember water freezes at 0C).

In terms of feeling: Cryotherapy is much easier to tolerate and does a lot of the same functions as an ice bath. An ice bath is physically and mentally very tough and because you are submerged you feel the cold a lot more despite it being a lot warmer than our chamber.

Both options are hugely beneficial but the feedback from our Cryotherapy is outstanding, from weeks of euphoria to pain completely eliminated.