5 Best Immune Boosting

The 5 Best?

Let’s Be Honest


There’s a lot of talk about boosting immune systems right now, especially because people are aware of its importance and so many ready to capitalise on our fears.

There’s a pill for everything, just Google “Immune support” and go to images, all you’ll find is pills pills pills. No one telling you how to do it for free or naturally, not one.

There is no one fix, there is no one pill, you need to take care of yourself and multiple factors. Anyone telling you otherwise? Be suspicious.

  1. Sleep is so important, quality sleep is possibly one of the most important factors, there are many ways you can improve this and for free, more in future emails
  2. Getting deep down and dirty, we have sanitised our world and weakened our immune systems, we need to return some balance, as nature intended.
  3. A diverse gut biome, again we have sanitised our inner world as we have our outer. A deeply profound and fascinating area of study, again more soon.

That’s only three I hear you cry,

Yes, there are supplements that help, but you really need to focus on the natural states, plus they are mostly FREE

Yes, Cryotherapy and floatation and exercise all help too, but again, these need to be part of a routine, forever. That is if you choose this route, there are others.




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