Covid 19 New Healthy Lifestyle?

Covid 19 New Healthy Lifestyle?

Re-Evaluated Life Lately?

In Thailand, they appear to be restricting smoking in public more and more, a response to the COVID 19 risks?

I’m seeing so many more people in the UK smoking lately, I’ve met people that just started smoking too, in the middle of a world health crisis, started smoking. A virus that kills people and attacks the respiratory system, so start smoking? My brain just makes funny noises when I try to figure that one out.

Remember that moment during the first few weeks of lockdown, people saying how the world had changed forever, people were realising what was important, people that never got off the sofa started doing Joe Wickes, the environment showed signs of healing, wildlife popping up in strange places, people getting on helping each other out, the toilet roll hoarders, remember that too?

Now, all we see is mountains of litter left in parks, mile-long lines of people outside McDonald’s, people falling out over skin colour that are clearly not racist, are any of the Joe Wickes people still at it? How long did that fad last, one week, two?

Luckily I’m surrounded by people who are trying to look after themselves and improve the quality of their lives and those around them, so its not all doom and gloom. Of course, there will be those who’s lives are turned around by this moment in history and I salute you, you recognised the opportunity for change, stick with it, you are worth it.

For the rest, you have one life, if this remarkable yet uncertain time hasn’t shaken you up enough to make some small improvements, to re-evaluate what’s important and work towards making those things a priority in the last few years you have on this planet, then I’m not sure what will, I mean you know smoking is killing you.

I know its the strongest drug on the planet to get addicted too, stronger physical hooks than heroin and crack cocaine and socially acceptable,

I feel your pain, but you can, and only you can.

Only you can keep training with Joe Wicks, only you can eat healthier, only you can figure out why these patterns and addictions are part of your existence (well you can, of course, seek help) But it’s you that comes to the light so to speak

Revolution IS Internal

Take care of self


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