100% Guarantee

Cryotherapy 100% Guarantee

We Guarantee YOU will know


We guarantee 100% that after three cryo sessions, you will know without any doubt if it’s for you or not.

The only way to know is to give it a go, well 3 actually but hey.

The world is such a crazy place, it wasn’t too long ago when doctors promoted smoking as healthy, we were told fat was bad for us, and boom an obesity epidemic as low-fat foods took over our supermarket shelves.

Google “Is vitamin D3 useful against covid”

You could spend months reading for and against arguments, I like to keep it simple. D3 costs me less than £1 a month so it would be silly to not do it. I get my blood test, see what my D levels are, take it if I’m low (madness eh). I can risk £12 a year to be wrong, plus it saves me a lifetime on the internet, and when anyone suddenly becomes an expert and starts to recycle what they “studied” I just stop it right there, £12 a year my man, let’s move on


So we make no promises at Lincolnshire Cryotherapy but we do have amazing results, mind-boggling in fact
Placebo? Well if placebo reduces pain and improves mood, who cares? I’d pay for that placebo personally.

After 3 sessions you’ll know, my odd posts that don’t quite fit the marketing standard won’t change your experience, your well-meaning friends telling you its a fad won’t mean a thing if you benefit

Spend a lifetime on Google, ask everyone that’s never done it for their opinion forevermore, you’ll never know until you try
3 times that is, then you’ll know, you’ll 100% know

That we do guarantee

“Had my first cryotherapy session yesterday – today I played golf and body has never felt so loose and relaxed – amazing results – see you again soon

“Finding this unbelievably helpful for easing my back. After a serious spinal injury and ongoing disc bulges, it really reduces inflammation and therefore pain! Great people as well!

“I had my second cryotherapy on Saturday and can definitely see the benefits already. I was quite apprehensive on my first session but Matt and the team put you totally at ease. I would highly recommend anyone trying Cryotherapy.



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