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So recently we had a visit from Faye Hayward and her husband, Faye runs a thermal imaging photography company “Visible Equine”

Now usually she works with horses, but she wanted to see the effects of Cryotherapy on humans and the results in her words were Remarkable

Fayes Email explaining what she saw, I spoke to Mike the medic for Lincoln City Imps about these results and he backed it up with his experience. Basically, players soft tissue injuries increased without cryo and injuries that would normally require time off and some rehab. Well, they didn’t need the rehab and were good to play the next day.


“Hi Matt, I’ve attached a copy of the most recent images of Patrick’s knees. On the report version, the top image is the first scan I did before his 1st session with you.

The image below that is taken 24 hours after his 3rd session last week.

Yet again the results are outstanding!

Patrick is pretty much pain-free now since he started cryotherapy so I was interested to see how the images had changed. He’s had no other pain relief or physical therapy so the results are only down to cryotherapy.

He’s still playing football and running so the exercise levels are still the same. The change in the images is remarkable and I didn’t think, given his age and refusal to stop football, that he would see that much improvement.

This is diagnosed, by x-ray, arthritis that shouldn’t really have improved as much as it has!

I’ve attached both images as JPEGS again as well as the report version.”




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