Covid 19 Update 28th May 2020

We are happy to announce we are now taking bookings for Cryotherapy

Introductory Session

If this is your first whole body cryotherapy experience we recommend booking an introductory/private session.

This way we can take our time, answer any questions and talk you through the process at your leisure.

Discount sessions

£2500A session

Private & Introductory session


Gift Vouchers

£You ChooseCan be used for Float or Cryotherapy see below

The chamber holds one person at a time

Private/Solo session means this. You book in at a time to suit yourself and your schedule/training regime. No one else will be using the chamber before or after you so there is a cooling down fee to cover. £35 (NEW REDUCED PRICE) a session, book at a time to suit.

Discount session means this. You book yourself into one of our fixed timeslots, you will be one of several people in this session. We fill the timeslot, you go in the chamber alone, one after the other. This way the chamber has been cooled and the cooling down fee is absorbed by the group. £25 a session. These are at a fixed time on a specific day and can be booked by any individual.

Sports team/Friends? If you are a sports team or a group of friends please contact us to book your session at a time to suit. Minimum group booking is four people, no maximum.

Cost. It is worth noting that Cryo sessions in other cities cost anywhere from £60 to £90 a session. Our purpose is to offer cutting edge treatments at affordable prices to everyone.

Our gift vouchers can be used for both our flotation and cryotherapy services

Simply choose how much you wish to spend and a voucher like the one below will be emailed to yourself or directly to the person recieving the gift.

All bookings in advance

We have limited time slots for individual/solo sessions.

If you are part of a team or a group of friends, four minimum, no maximum, and wish to make group bookings we can arrange a time that suits.



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7 days a week 9am-9pm
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